The Garden Party

Guiding Principles


1.    The only requirement for Garden Party membership is a desire to garden.


2.    Personal growth in the garden stems from our unity.


3.    Our leaders are but trusted stewards; they do not govern.  For our garden group purpose, there is but one ultimate authority - our group conscience.


4.    The Garden Party should be autonomous and not-for-profit.


5.    The Garden Party has but one primary purpose – to share healthy food with local people in need.


6.    The Garden Party ought never endorse, finance or lend The Garden Party name to any related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property and prestige divert us from our primary purpose.


7.    The Garden Party will be a non-denominational group of volunteers.


8.    The Garden Party may create action groups (e.g. the Water Warriors) directly responsible to those they serve.


9.    The Garden Party has no opinion on unrelated issues; hence The Garden Party name ought not to be drawn into public controversy.


10.     Our collective spirit of gardening should always remind us to place principles before personalities.

The Garden Party at Redeemer Lutheran - 1691 Bloor St West Toronto ON, M6P 1B1 - High Park Community Garden
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